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Meet and share memories with other collectors and enthusiasts!


The Hart-Parr Oliver Collectors Association is made up of people just like you. Become a member of our family today!


You Respect Hart-Parr History.

You Grew Up With Oliver Machinery.

Welcome Home.


The Hart-Parr/Oliver Collectors Association, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1989 for the historical and educational benefit of Hart-Parr and Oliver collectors and the general public. It now includes nearly 4,500 members and consists of 21 chapters. In its effort to collect, preserve and distribute information on the Hart-Parr/Oliver and related companies, the organization has dedicated itself to the following principles:



  1. To help preserve the history of Hart-Parr/Oliver and associated companies acquired by Hart-Parr and Oliver.

  2. To promote the history of Hart-Parr/Oliver and related companies.

  3. To aid the collectors of Hart-Parr and Oliver tractors, combines and implements in restoration and preservation.

  4. To promote the collection and care of Hart-Parr and Oliver machinery, memorabilia and other related items.

  5. To assist in the establishment of a museum dedicated to the care, display and interpretation of historical artifacts and equipment associated with the Hart-Parr and Oliver companies.

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