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Belt Buckles
  • Belt Buckles


    Prices range from $12–$18

    1999—featuring Oliver OC-6 crawler—$12

    2000—featuring Hart-Parr 18-36—$12

    2004—featuring Oliver 770—$12

    2005—featuring Oliver Super 44—$12

    2007—featuring Oliver Orchard 77—$12

    2008—featuring Oliver Super 77—$12

    2009—featuring 990 GM Diesel—$12

    2010—featuring 75 Years of Six Cylinder Power—$12

    2011—featuring High Crop Tractors—$15

    2012—featuring Oliver Standard—$15

    2013—featuring Oliver Utility—$15

    2014—featuring Oliver "50" series—$18

    2015—featuring MFWD series—$18

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