Oliver 70 Seat and Cast Wheels

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Oliver 70 Seat and Cast Wheels

Postby Lorrick » Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:41 pm

I am going to rebuild my metal rod made Oliver 70 Row Crop seat Frame, anyone out there know what steel it might be as I don’t think it would be plain Mild steel, but don’t know if it is Spring Steel. It is just that the one on my tractor has rusted through and gets lower every time I sit on it ?
The other thing is that I have 36inch cast rear wheels fitted on it, I was told that was done over here in the UK as it came over on Steel Wheels and was converted to tyres. The thing is the Boss's that slide over the splines on the shafts are solid, not the split type that have a bolt going through to pinch them up tight, there is a hole going through them on one side and you can see the edge of the shaft in the hole looking through the boss but nothing there to stop the wheel sliding off the shaft, on the other hand how do you get the wheel off the shaft as I need to get some new tyres on it and it looks like they are well and truly stuck on the shaft,.
Any help welcome
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