550 PTO hub and leak

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550 PTO hub and leak

Postby Paxton » Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:52 am

Still can`t find loss of trans oil point. The "O" ring at the rear of the shaft perhaps. The rear most seal and a speedy sleeve have been installed. I just don`t seem to be able to find the place about 1/2 of the oil dumps. I want to replace the ball bearing at the very rear. What I read is to remove pto hand hole, reach up and remove set screw and with the very rear bearing retainer removed, the shaft can be removed. Is this going to let me replace the rear most ball bearing, or do I need to split the tractor? With rear bearing retainer removed, bearing looks to have a C clip on the inside of the trans preventing removal. Bought a service manual on ebay for the 55 550 with the spiral edge and dark green cover and Oliver shield. Junk don`t waste your money. Shows the parts and breakdown but NOTHING about removal of the rear ball bearing. God help you if you were looking to rebuild trans. as little is covered. Thanks
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