watch out for scams!!!!

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watch out for scams!!!!

Postby NYAdam21 » Fri Jan 23, 2004 9:09 pm

I almost got taken for a bunch so here is the lowdown for you folks trying to sell something on the internet;
I put a JD bulldozer on yesterdaystractors the other day. Got a responce within hours from a man who wanted it. He said he was out of state and wanted to know if it really was a good machine, and would I take a cashiers check for 5750 verses the 5800 I was asking. I said I would take that, but I'd much rather send him some pictures before he did anything if I could have his address. He emailed me back telling me this; read close, its wierd. He is from the UK and he would send me a cashiers check if he could get my address. He would have to go through a client in NY who would then send me a cashiers check for 8900 and I would then wire back the difference to him, subtracting the 5750, through an international banking system. This sounded like more work than I wanted to do as well as a scam, I looked up yesterdaystractors and found an alert for this sort of scam.If you want to know what they do with the money take a look, I recommend it! Just letting you guys know what can happen. Look for the scam alert in the classifieds of yesterdays tractors. They can tell better than I. Hope this inconveniece doesn't happen to you! --Adam
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