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Postby Donald Lehman » Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:33 pm

Hi Everyone,

This hasn't got anything to do with Olivers, but I'm bored stiff. Had a major rebuild on my left shoulder Tuesday. Only been four days since getting out of surgery, but I'm already climbing the walls. This involved rebuilding EVERYTHING! Rotator cuff reattachment, work on the collarbone, bone spurs, torn muscles, torn ligaments to the neck muscles. The first 24 hrs. after surgery was incredibly painful, and four days later isn't a lot better yet. Soooo, you walk around for a while, you write a letter to a friend, you walk around for a while, you check the clock to see how much longer before you can take the next slug of pain killers,--------then you do it all over again. Gee, this is fun.
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