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Postby calvin innes » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:31 pm

I had just returned home from setting a utility pole at the neighbors when his son (older than I) pulled down to the barn and said" I thought you are the one who should have this." He handed me a book "Suggested Retail Prices", The Oliver Corporation. Holy cow! It was from 1952 and lists prices and options for any piece of equipment made by Oliver!
Tractors, Crawlers, plows,, harrows, vine turners, rakes, hay loaders... the list is endless. It also includes horse drawn equipment as well as iron wheels for the tractors. This has an amazing amount of options listed for any given implement.
Two tractors were priced out, a "66" row crop with 10x38 tires and wheel weights listed for options. Total price was $1,950.oo, including tax, freight($75) and dealer costs.
The other was an OC-3 industrial with a crank ordered as an option. This was $2,406.70 with freight.
Neither the neighbor nor I know where the book came from originally. The Neighbor had not worked for any dealership, the book had been in a box in a shed of his for years. They were not farmers so would have had no reason to have it. I am just assuming that it had always been in Maine.... maybe not.
At any rate, it will provide me with a lot of interesting reading!
This was worth the price of setting a pole! :D
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Price book

Postby Donald Lehman » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:44 pm


I haven't gone through all of my father's stuff yet, but he had a lot of stuff from an older Oliver dealer. I'm sure I'll find some neat stuff in there, too.
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Postby edchainsaw » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:52 pm

My Father had the chance to get all the stuff out of a massey dealer in 1982 but all he brought home was a crate of steel lines and one of belts...

we've used 1 steel line,, and 0 belts..

I got to go around and pick some things off shelves ( after they had taken 20 trips to the scrap yard) and got 2 ferguson emblems (both lefts) old decals.. ( worthless) and 1 510 MF combine emblem...

they 'scrapped' radiators, carbs, manifolds even rings and pistons
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