Time Displayed for the Posts

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Time Displayed for the Posts

Postby Bill Brandt » Tue Jan 14, 2003 3:35 pm

Just wondering how the times for posts are computed? Just left the Oliver forum and it had entries for 14-1-2003, 8:14 PM and 6:33 PM.

As I write this it is 14-1-2003 and my computer shows 3:31 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Not a big deal, but I'd like to know how it works. If OLIVER Corp could have been able to see into the future like this, maybe we'd still be able to buy new ones! :=)
Bill Brandt
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Postby Former admin Chris L » Tue Jan 14, 2003 11:42 pm

The times are computed as Greenwich Mean Time which is over in England. It had been on Eastern time, but when I upgraded the board recently, it switched back to GMT. I have been trying to switch the default time back to Eastern, but without luck so far.
The best way to get the correct time for the posts is, when you are logged in, click on the control panel/ options link on the main page or in the upper right hand part of your screen. Then click on edit profile. One of the options is to choose which time zone you are in. Choose the appropriate time zone and then click on the edit profile button at the bottom. After that, whenever you are logged in, the board will automatically convert the post times and dates to your local time. If you are browsing without being logged in, you will get GMT.

Seeing into the future would be nice. Now if only I could figure out how to apply GMT to the ads for Olivers in different publications.
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Former admin Chris L
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