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Oliver Industrial "66"

Postby calvin innes » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:51 am

I recently bought an Oliver Industrial 66, serial number 462280C6E. I had seen it in a fellows barn 10 or 11 years ago and at the time he said he would sell it. I did not buy it but never forgot about it either. One day this spring I gave the guy a call only to find out he had passed away 2 years ago.... but the tractor was still there. Yep, the family would sell it. 11 years later and it was sitting precisely as I had last seen it. What had caught my eye initially was the fact that it has a side mounted sickle bar, all hydraulic. I bought it to use but I'll restore it too. The sheet metal has been cut away on the front to accommodate a replacement radiator, a Ford radiator I think. I need a new radiator so if anyone knows of a usable radiator, same as the Fleetline 66, let me know.
I've scraped off at least 4 layers of paint, a brush applied green, a navy blue, industrial yellow, and orange. What would the correct color be? I'm guessing orange?
In the paint codes listed on this site I didn't see a code for the Industrial orange. Did I miss it?
Once I get pictures off the camera and into the computer ill post a few of the pix.
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