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Looks Good!

Postby dwm » Fri Sep 13, 2002 8:56 am

New site looks good. Assume the intent for the posting times will be GMT? Hopefully this one will become at least as busy as the Yesterday's Tractors forum.
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I like the activity counter

Postby John (C-IL) » Fri Sep 13, 2002 12:30 pm

Looks like a lot of people are surfing and not talking. Speak up, I can't hear you.
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John (C-IL)
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GMT time zone

Postby Chris » Sat Sep 14, 2002 12:03 am

GMT is the default time. If you would like to see posts in your local time, either select your time zone when you first register or edit your profile through your control panel after you log on.
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Postby Andy » Sun Oct 27, 2002 4:00 pm

How about the date? On my computer it shows up in eastern european format. Day/month/year, instead of US format, Month/day/year. It doesn't matter to me, I get messages from eastern europe all the time, I am accustomed to it, but those who deal only in the US might be confused.:o
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Postby Chris » Sun Oct 27, 2002 10:08 pm

The date can be adjusted the same way.
After you are logged in, click on 'Your Control Panel/Options' and then click on 'Edit Profile'. In the list of options there is a line that reads 'Date Format..'. Change where it says in the box dd-mm-yyyy to mm-dd-yyyy and then click the edit profile button at the bottom once you are done. After that it will adjust to your preferences whenever you are logged in. This is the same page where you can change you time zone and other variables.
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