latest restores and Fredricksburg show pt1

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latest restores and Fredricksburg show pt1

Postby Jordan Hackman » Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:32 pm

Hey everyone we have had our show recently and we featured Oliver and the Iowa Corn-belt chapter. We were busy getting stuff ready this year. We sent 13 tractors and 11 pieces of equipment. The 2255 was finished hours before the show. We got in North Carolina and they got it from Michigan. It didn’t have a motor so we had to do some shopping for parts. The 77 and 18 combine were quite the show stopper this year. The 77 was one of those projects that always were pushed aside for later. we acquired the 18 combine a while ago and wanted it done for the show. We are the second owners of this combine and apparently it was the 9th one built. If you attended our show on Sunday we combined the oats and it was the first time this combine has seen product in almost 50 years. The last one is my 1755. I purchased it from Canada and according the serial number it was the 9th to last 1755 ever built so it is a last day tractor. The videos are from the show but not mine. The drone footage is from Sunday and the other is of our 2255 on the dyno.
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