White Oliver 2-62 Backhoe/Loader

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White Oliver 2-62 Backhoe/Loader

Postby super99 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:57 am

Not sure whether to post this on Oliver or White forum, but here goes. I bought a 2-62 diesel loader/backhoe that is in rough condition. The motor is weak and the reverse o torque won't move forward until about 1600 rpm and then jumps ahead. The loader bucket will dump on its own when running, let go of the lever and it goes to full dump and stays there. I replaced most of the hoses on the boom of the backhoe. The boom and the dipper stick settle down, the stick is the worst, you have to keep extending it when using it. The swing cylinder travels from side to side on it's own. I dug out a stump yesterday and the swing cylinder is leaking oil out of the top around the center shaft pretty bad. Are parts available to rebuild cylinder and valves? I paid $2200 for it, I'm starting to think this will be a money pit for the occasional use that it will get. Any thought or opinions?? Chris
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