s 77 diesel head

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s 77 diesel head

Postby randy m » Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:20 am

:?: Trying to remove the energy cell,s from the head I have gotten everything out except the very last piece from each cylinder the IT manual said use
a 3/4 fine thread bolt and thread it into the cell body with a nut on the bolt and pull the cell body out but I can not get the bolt to thread in I even tryed a 3/4 16 NF tap put they dont even try to start . There are threades in them
I can feel them with a pick has any body ran in to this before OH I already tryed the 5x16" brass rod to try driving one out all that did was swell the end of the rod. Has any body ran in to this ?
randy m

Postby John Schwiebert » Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:51 am

Can you see through the hole? I am not sure that is the right size thread. You have a phone number? Why are you taking them out?
John Schwiebert
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77 head

Postby randy m » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:14 am

I would like to remove them and clean them. And the IT book talks about re laping them this tr has sat for years and I wanted every thing right befor I put It back together again Ph # 1-260-356-4947 8.00 am
till 5:30 pm monday thru friday and till 12:00 on sat eastern time
Thanks Randy M
randy m

Postby randy m » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:16 am

:D Thanks for calling Randy M Home address
Randy McCune
795n 300w
In 46750
:?: If head is Cracked should it be fixed ? and what does this energy sell do and how does It work ? We are a tisco dealer what do you think of there quality of sleeves :?: I guess we never got around to what if pump drive is sheared off. I do know that diesel fuel ran out of all the lines and injectors when we removed them. This tractor has a hood sticker that It came form a dealer in Iowa orginally Its a ways from home. I may want to pull this tr in some local pulls got any soup up suggestions home ph 260 356 2425 but only at home most nights after 6:30 pm Thanks Randy
randy m

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