Is This The Correct Color for '44 RC 60

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Is This The Correct Color for '44 RC 60

Postby Row Crop Bill » Sat Jul 25, 2015 6:29 pm

Ok, so, I'll reword this...

I know there is a forum on Olivers and the correct color codes, but the most recent post was from 2014. I have had a hard time locating some of the codes, as they may be out of date. I think that I have found an answer and would like some verification...

It appears that Pre-1952 Olivers used "Medium Green"

I have found it from both Tisco and Ag Specialty. I don't know anything about Ag Specialty, but the Tisco has fared very well on my '49 Cub.

Is this the correct color green for a 1944 Row Crop 60?

Row Crop Bill
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