1850 Tach Drive - Shaft

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1850 Tach Drive - Shaft

Postby Sean D » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:01 pm

The original drive pin/shaft spins after it slides by the slot a little ways. If it is pulled out some, it engages. The crimped flat (key portion) that goes in the auxiliary drive gear looks to be worn. The dealer I'm working with gave me a pin with a continuous key the entire length of the shaft but, the original is larger on the tach drive gear end which prevents it from sliding any further into the auxiliary shaft. The new shaft slides in until it vanishes since there is no larger diameter to prevent this. Where does the hole go???? Is it just a blind hole???? I was going to make a pin to take up the dead space in the shaft to keep it engaged in the drive gear. Just want to make sure I'm not screwing anything else up by doing this.


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